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Cross-training Class

Our cross-training group classes are a high intensity workout consisting of cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, and gymnastics combined to form a diverse, all-inclusive training program.

While our program is designed to challenge top athletes, every workout and movement is infinitely scalable to any fitness level.

Every class has a coach present to ensure correct and safe movement, while encouraging maximum output from each athlete.  Our athletes consist of young and old, elite and beginners, ahtletes and recreational members.

Monday-Friday 5:15am, 6:15am, 12pm, 5pm, 6pm

Friday No 6pm class

Fitness Shift Class

This group setting class incorporate a variety of training including plyometrics, resistance training, balance, core strengthening and conditioning while utilizing body-weight movements and dumbbells.

This is a 45 minute class focusing on decreasing body fat, toning and defining muscles, while improving endurance and cardio.

Monday-Friday: 8:15am

Monday-Thursday: 3:30pm

Paradigm Legends Class

We start where you are and help you feel good, move better and live your BEST life!

Designed for 50+( but not limited to)

Utilizing a variety of functional movements to enhance the quality and quantity of your life.

"We are about doing it well in here so you do it better out there."

Adapted strength, resistance, aerobic, endurance and balance training for the "Legends" generation

Safe and effective workouts with more emphasis on mobility and longevity.

Educated and experienced coaches accommodate anyone with limited mobility and share techniques that can help with improving strength, mobility, endurance, nutrition and fall prevention.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30am

Paradigm Kids

Kids fitness class that incorporates speed, agility, strength and mobility for ages 6-16.

Each workout is scaleable, so every individual regardless of any current weakness may participate and achieve health related goals from weight loss, metabolic conditioning to strength.

Monday - Friday 4pm

Tailored to your needs in our gym