We help people achieve FITNESS, find RELIEF with aches and pains, and RECLAIM their PHYSICAL FREEDOM.


At Paradigm Fitness we want you to live longer, be healthier and feel the best you ever have. 

Class Schedule 

5:15am Cross-training
6:15am Cross-training
8:15am Fitness Shift
9:30am Paradigm Legends (MWF)
12pm Cross-training

2pm GluteHouse

3:30pm Fitness Shift (M-Th)
4pm Paradigm Kids
5pm Cross-training
6pm Cross-training

We offer a wide variety of fitness classes with skilled and knowledgeable coaches to help you perform a safe and effective workout.


We are here to help you become the most healthy you!

This is where your fitness starts!!

Our workouts are designed to include movements that are functional based (replicates real life movement) at high intensity and with constant variety.   All workouts are scaleable and modifiable and with an experienced coach with you to ensure that no matter what fitness level you are at, you can do it!  


David Napier (870)224-3709
Monica Napier (870)538-8737

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1053 Hwy 278 West, Monticello, AR

We are located on Hwy 278 W between Elite Sport Training and Reggie's Lock and Key.