The Power of Physical Stewardship


Purpose is the fuel that empowers perseverance.

As we pursue physical fitness let us do so, on purpose, with an attitude of stewardship. Exercise is not a secular pursuit. It is not a profane act to be a good steward of God's temple. As stewards of our God-given health we must diligently practice self-control, train like champions, aim our punches, and subdue our bodies as an act of worship before the Lord. Our bodies are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and the vehicle God can use to do His work on earth.

The Creator of the Universe instilled within us the capacity to tolerate pain and adapt to the stress of training. The more we workout the more we develop endurance, strength, and newfound energy as we traverse the path to our fitness goals. The struggles we face along the way result in our gaining not just physical strength, but emotional and spiritual strength as well.

Exercise is a precious gift with the power to heal. Maintaining fitness tests our resolve, develops new muscles, and impacts our witness for the Lord.

Those over 40 are classified as Master Athletes. Don't you love that term? Can you see yourself as "The Master's" athlete doing your utmost to represent Him well? As the weights increase, the miles add up, or the workout gets more intense we can lift our thoughts in praise and thank God for the ability He's given us. We don't give up or shrink back. 

When someone inquires about our secret to staying motivated that opens the door to tell them where our strength comes from. Fitness is attractive in the sense that it draws attention from others. And we have the responsibility as stewards, to use the privilege of this attention, to point others to Christ and let Him be praised and glorified.

Ask yourself some questions; what is my attitude about physical fitness? What is my purpose for working out? What has God taught me about myself through exercise? How can I use my story to point others to Christ?

credit to Alida Sharp, “Pray, Sweat, Eat, Repeat” Holy Bible Devotional